One to one Coaching

On an hourly/half-day/full-day basis.

Tailored to the individuals specific needs. 

Tackling such issues as form, mental training, bow selection  tuning and set-up /arrow spine selection, video analysis, back tension, target focus and assessment.

This can be held indoors at the range or at the woodland course as required. 

Group sessions 

(MAX 4 persons ) run on a Half-day/Full-day basis.

Covering a broad spectrum of issues as per the individual coaching sessions. Starting at the indoor range with assessments, form, kit and equipment, adjustments and fine tuning.. shooting with video assessment and review. Outdoor woodland range shooting dealing with mental challenges, focus issues, mental distance training, body/frame positioning for elevated and awkward shots..etc..etc..

Confidential Coaching for actors and celebrities.

Images/mention only being shared either with permission or after a production has aired..