The Warrior Bow is exclusively available through Hero Horse Archery made by Bodnik Bows Germany and carrying their legendary 30 year warranty. Designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, combining modern recurve construction and efficiency with a more traditional ambidextrous grip.

The bow is without arrow shelf and is to be shot off the hand, but with shaping for consistent hand positioning.

I have extensively tested this over many months and I am more than impressed. 

As such I am excited to be able to offer this as a "Signature" model.

The base model comes from a recurve redesign of the Slick Stick and will come in the same standard finish Bubinga grip and bamboo limbs under clear glass. 

58" and 60" bow lengths available (I've preferred 60") with weights from 20# to 60# 

Custom wood options will be available at extra cost. 

Although longer than the typical "horse bow" it has proven to be versatile in this use in addition to traditional field/woodland archery.





Full Custom Options